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    Evidence of the Dangers of having Mitch Nearby?

    Mitch Waterman has earned many years of my disgust, and of course attention. He's not the only one -- but the guy some called "Bitch Waterboy" is a special case worthy of note. (Note for the lawyers -- please,please, please make this a public case open to discovery and public discussion! There is still time! I have preserved all of the evidence and much more than is published. I have all the screen shots, some video and images, and many perfectly legal audio recordings).

    The following was found on Facebook. The bolding has been added to help highlight certain parts that might otherwise go under-appreciated. Screen shots available upon request.

    If true, and I believe it is, this clearly demonstrates the recognized hazard that is a "disgruntled" former community manager named Mitch Waterman:

    Facebook post Warning of the Unbridled Ex-employee

    "It is standard practice to immediately release a Key Manager once they have announced their intent to resign from the Company - with pay thru the term of their Contract.
    I am requesting the Executive Committee take the following actions immediately:

    Remove Mitch Waterman from all SVCA Accounts and debit cards;

    Change all administrative passwords to SVCA bank accounts, websites, and security cameras;

    Immediately deactivate his company email account(s) or change password(s);
    Ensure all keys are returned (and locks changed in areas housing sensitive information or equipment); and,
    Ensure the return of all physical property belonging to SVCA, along with any confidential documents.

    As Mitch Waterman has clearly stated, he has made the decision to resign, he should not be entitled to any severance nor a claim of Unemployment Insurance benefits. If he has expenses that are to be reimbursed, he must make a claim prior to his exit.
    SVCAs attorney must draft an appropriate Exit Agreement with Mitch Waterman which protects SVCA from potential liability caused by Waterman. THE EXIT AGREEMENT MUST INCLUDE A REHIRE PROHIBITION. This will preclude him from being rehired as an employee or consultant for a minimum period of 5 yrs (20 yrs is my preference). This prohibition should include the provision that he will not return to work for SVCA in any capacity, even if he later becomes an employee of any SVCA contracted Company for the stated exclusion period.
    The Executive Committee must meet swiftly with SVCA managers and staff. Conduct interviews with managers and key staff, and determine if their loyalty is with an obviously disgruntled exiting General Manager, or with the SVCA Corporation. If necessary, immediately release any managers or staff that may cause damage to or create liability for SVCA by, among other things, copying, downloading, or deleting critical data; misusing or misappropriating SVCA funds, debits cards, or bank accounts.
    The Sudden Valley Community Association is a Corporation with annual revenue of approx. $4.5 million with assets totaling close to $12 million. Yet, the Executive Committee failed in their duties - by not only inappropriately hiring an inexperienced sitting BOD Director as SVCAs General Manager - but, the Executive Committee failed to respond to the years of complaints lodged against Waterman and certain staff. As current and former SVCA Board Presidents, Larry Brown and Leslie McRoberts were aware of the claims filed with the SVCA BOD and attorney based on Waterman's alleged acts of extortion, intimidation, and mismanagement. There have been Board Meetings and SV Views articles discussing accusations of Waterman drinking on the job; harassing, disrespecting and targeting certain employees and SVCA Owners; and, at least one complaint filed with the IRS surrounding several potential violations in which he was a direct participant.

    Due to SVCAs Executive Committee's reluctance to act, the Sudden Valley Association and its Owners have been left exposed. We have no way of knowing the ultimate monetary damage to this Corporation simply by retaining inexperienced management for such a lengthy period. The resignation of Mitch Waterman, and the obvious animosity associated with the failure of the SVCA Board to renew his contract, require the Executive Committee take immediate action to protect SVCA Owners and our individual and collective Assets."

  • Sudden Valley Today

    This web site chronicles a bizarre story that began with a simple traffic stop, and escalated into trumped up false charges totaling $1200 in fines (so far), repeated slandering of the accused (a resident of Sudden Valley), and what has been described as a combination of gross incompetence, bullying, attempted extortion, intimidation, violent outbursts, and an admitted effort by Mitch Waterman to "teach me a lesson".


    The lesson I have learned is that if you live in Sudden Valley under this SVCA Board of Directors, this can happen to you.


    I have also learned that if you rent in Sudden Valley, or are a Sudden Valley landlord hoping to profit from the current booming rental marketplace, your livelihood has been put at risk : your lease is an invalid and unenforceable, and can easily canceled by your tenant. More on that later.


    Oh, and if you are a tenant, you can probably sue your landlord as well. More on that later.


    Update 2018: The announcement that Mitch Waterman of Sudden Valley was removed from his position as General Manager was good for some lols, but seems to have been taken down from the Sudden Valley website. Oh well. It noted that the community rejected his contract renewal, but it also went on to invent a new history claiming all the great work he had done. It even suggested he was leaving because he was a creator, and his work re-inventing Sudden Valley was done, lol. What a load (the article, not Mitch Waterman. Although, actually, if you think about that... sigh).

    Happy to see Mitch Waterman no longer in a position to abuse administrative power. HOWEVER, his mistakes of the past will continue to haunt. Forever. You don't get to lie and exploit, and harm other people, without consequences. And when you literally choose to deceive and avoid responsibility for your mistakes, turning a minor issue into a major cost for the community, karma (with my help) will be sure to extract a fee. The degree to which that public image cost will also harm Sudden Valley residents remains to be seen.

    UPDATE 12/2016: Does the Sudden Valley Community have any idea how much of their money continues to be spent on lawyers defending Mitch Waterman and the corrupt participants in these schemes? It seems as if there are no limits to the amount of money they will continue to spend, with no apparent effort to address the core problems causing all the costs.

    Do the people of Sudden Valley even know about the ongoing costs, bills, and fees?


    Do they even know if Mitch Waterman was a private contractor (operating his own LLC under contract to the SVCA) when he first foolishly fabricated false charges and began the coverup of his mistake?

    Did anyone in the community ever look at how that may have been abruptly changed, so that Mitch Waterman was documented as an employee of SVCA, likely shifting liability for his actions to the community, instead of Mitch Waterman, LLC? Was it changed by Larry Brown? Was it backdated? Was it documented in the association records properly?

    You all pay the bills... do you have any idea what you are paying for?


    UPDATE 03/2016 : The SVCA would like everyone to think this matter is resolved, settled, etc. and has posted a clever "summary" to the SVCA website. Within that are more of the lies.


    I was not notified that I would be a witness at AJ's second hearing, so it is a lie when they publicly claim I failed to show up. AJ discussed the option with me, but we both agreed it was not only unnecessary but risky, since all the board had done so far was accuse and indict, despite testimony and proof provided at earlier "hearings".


    While your board would LOVE the public to believe it followed due process and some tenant was simply belligerent and irresponsible, that is NOT the case, as has been outlined extensively. Your board has published an official restatement of that history on your website - including these lies - which is a coverup.


    Following the abusive, deceptive, and fraudulent activity of Mitch Waterman and the SVCA Board, we have quite a few outcomes so far: Azam Nader of SunMark Realty has listed her Sudden Valley properties for sale (including the realty offices), and the landlord has listed her house for sale at a very substantially reduced price.


    There's more. I will be updating this website.


    UPDATE: If you are looking for the extensive eye-witness notes from the landlord's appeal hearing, click this link or visit http://www.docdroid.net/4U0eK8x/sv-aj-s-hearing-notes.pdf.html Note: these notes were submitted by several different people, with requests that they be published. The link above was NOT provided by the landlord, although I have been told the SVCA board has tried to claim that, in order to further bully the homeowner.


    UPDATE: Following the elections where the Chairperson and a few Board Members were voted out, Sudden Valley residents are debating a number of important issues. When you consider these issues, please do not ignore the FACTS of this website.


    • Your Manager has been called a liar and accused of fabricating false charges and fines. He was unable to defend the very charges he fabricated, even after preparing for the appeal hearings.
    • Your head of security falsified testimony, signing multiple fake citations filed against a homeowner, and admitted it at an appeal hearing.
    • Your security guard acknowledged that the true facts of his own eye witness (as the only responding officer) did not match the fabricated charges, and that the charges as filed could not be supported by his experience.


    Despite all of this, the SVCA board upheld the charges. Any law suits that are filed will have be paid by SVCA homeowners. Do you have any idea how much of the annual budget is already spent on insurance and law suits? It is quite considerable.


    You can debate all the issues you want, but you cannot afford to overlook these facts.

    UPDATED 1/28/2016 :Sudden Valley Community Association Rewrites History, Continues to Hide


    The SVCA Board held a second "hearing" last week. I am told they blocked any questions from the audience. They have now issued a new message to the public on their website. It re-asserts their claims, and re-writes some of the history in their favor, to try and make things look legitimate.


    So sad to see this board so corrupt, including whatever "new board" approved this message


    Anyway, this will now all have to be sorted out in another much more expensive venue, but here I do want to address some of the very specified lies and misdirections they are putting out in the public messaging: 


    1. When the SVCA says "When Security subsequently learned where he lived, they sent the citations to his address. There was no response to the letters, and so a copy of the notice of violation was sent to Ms. McCormac who is the owner of record of that property" they want you to believe they technically acted responsibly. They want you to assume that this is true, when in fact it is a lie.


    Mitch Waterman claimed to have sent the letters but they were never received, and when challenged immediately on that, Sudden Valley failed to show any evidence they had been sent. This was noted from the very beginning, and raised during 4 appeal hearings.


    I think the SVCA has been advised to rewrite this part of history so there is less of an appearance of extortion against a landlord, with an active avoidance of the tenant and actual witness to the event.


    2. When SVCA says "The tenant appealed his fine and received a hearing by a three member panel of the Board. This panel reduced his fine. He then opted for an appeals hearing before the full Board, minus the three Board members who had heard the original appeal. The tenant didn’t show up for that  hearing so the reduced fine was upheld". Mr. McRoberts and the SVCA board are, again, attempting to rewrite history.


    The tenant (me) appealed the fine, yes, but via a corrupt court where information was purposefully withheld from me, including the details of the mysterious "speeding ticket" Mr. McRoberts wants you to believe existed from the beginning.


    I don't use the word "corrupt" lightly. When one of the board members actually has to ask ME what fines the hearing is about, and has to ask Mitch Waterman to correct her own paperwork about the fines being addressed, and a second (of three) board member has to openly state that I was not given and am not to be given a copy of the materials under review at that very "hearing", it is by definition corrupt.



    3. When SVCA states "This panel reduced his fine" they do so in a context that suggests the reduction was an outcome of the appeal hearing. I suppose they want you to think they were reasonable.


    In fact that fine was reduced BEFORE the hearing, which is in writing from their own lawyer. In fact, the board members themselves didn't even know the purpose of the appeal hearing before I asked them AT THE MEETING and Mitch Waterman made it up, on the spot (clumsily, I might add).


    As has been previously outlined in testimony, they made up these fines as they went along... first there were then 3, then 4, some reduced, added, changed... as fit their needs. Some were backdated, and falsly witnessed... which they admitted in an appeal hearing.


    This new public messaging from SVCA suggests they feel a strong need to cover up their actions and and sway public opinion towards a new, crafted version of history.


    4. Perhaps most telling is the final paragraphs... where Mr. McRoberts attempts to explain away preventing the "full board" from deliberating on what was supposed to be a "appeal before the full board", and reducing fines. The saddest part is where he paints AJ McCormac as unruly and discourteous... disgusting behavior from this board and especially it's board chairman, in my opinion.


    I note that they carefully attempt to "repeal" the defamatory letter of June 10, claming that to be a gesture of good will. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to "take back" lies and libelous letters like that... they are a matter of public record, for which Mitch Waterman and the SVCA Board should be held accountable.


    Let's get that "letter of June 10" up into the public eye, shall we? Soon enough.





    Sudden Valley Landlord Appeals


    Tomorrow, Thursday evening Jan 14, the SVCA Board will meet (again) to listen (again) to a landlord describe how Mitch Waterman fabricated a dramatic fake story, compelled his staff to lie to support him, and used his administrative position to push fines and penalties onto a tenant and a landlord in Sudden Valley.


    This is a "second appeal" because the first appeal led to nothing. The tenant's separate appeal also led to nothing but continued false charges and this website.


    Despite overwhelming evidence of foul play on the apart of SV staff, and zero evidence of wrongdoing by the tenant or the landlord, the SVCA Board allows the false charges to stand, maintains a slanderous claim against the tenant's reputation, threatens the tenant with Small Claims Court, and even increased the fines for the landlord.


    Any reasonable person would be ashamed of these proceedings, and aghast at the outcomes thus far. Reasonable people doing just that so far include an elected County representative, lawyers, two deputies, real estate professionals, professional mediators, business people, scientists, and other Sudden Valley residents.


    Yet the board persists in pushing the false charges, and the NOT ONE BOARD MEMBER acknowledges the problem in public, despite a very smart and honorable professional negotiator trying very hard to navigate some outcome that is better than these embarrassing and most likely illegal actions.


    All of this on your dime, by the way. The legal costs this far have been substantial, according to a report of comments allegedly made by a concerned board member. And these legal costs are not part of a defense against a lawsuit (which insurance might have covered). This is your SVCA Board spending real money to pursue these false charges over and over, through 4 appeals, despite overwhelming contrary evidence, as if driven by a vendetta (or fear of liability for the initial lies).


    Where is the leadership in Sudden Valley?


    Behind the scenes, I have been told of this board person and that board person agreeing with the evidence, feeling the charges were made up, disagreeing with the board votes, disagreeing with the board members that are leading this scam, and disagreeing with Mitch Waterman's methods and claims. I've even heard of apologies expressed... yet the appeals happen, the votes get counted (allegedly), and the charges stand.


    There is no outcome from this blind pursuit of ego, ambition, fraud, or cover-up that is good for Sudden Valley residents, Sudden Valley real estate values, or the community.


    The only right move is to acknowledge the mistakes, express a sincere intent to improve things, and plan to move forward with integrity.


    What will the board do this time? Tomorrow is their last official opportunity to fix the problem, or choose to make it worse.


    Update: No word on whether this "hearing" will be public or not, or whether recording will be permitted. One day before and it's not clear if it will be another "closed to the public" meeting with no transparency. 

  • They Made A Commercial about Sudden Valley Washington!

    Living in Sudden Valley! lol but not really laughing, more like crying

    They hate this video, but it's so very true in Sudden Valley. You don't have to believe me... you can just live there yourself and dare try to trim a tree, plant a bush, adjust a window sill, or object to a "committee" decision. And the roaming nits with clip boards? REAL! And they travel in packs! 

  • Have Something to Add? 

    If you have specific information about the events described here which may be helpful to those trying to understand why Mitch Waterman lied, and why the SVCA Board members are staying silent, we'd love to read it. Your information may be very helpful to those suffering under the corruption.
    We cannot guarantee confidentiality of anything submitted over the Internet, so there can be no expectation of privacy related to this website and form submissions.

  • Updates

    Some updated information gets posted here.

    Update : The new SunMark Fence at Gate 2
    I laughed when I saw this new fence go up. And I was completely disgusted by the comments posted to "Sudden Valley Friends & Neighbors" Facebook group - nasty, abusive personal attacks on Sun Mark's owner, including several statements that are likely to be upheld as libelous should someone want to make that claim.
    Wow. There are some very hateful, nasty people here, who apparently think it's ok to make nasty public comments about other people even when they don't know the facts.
    When the Sudden Valley Board and it's Manager treat people with disdain, lie, and bully through intimidation and abuse of administrative process, we should not be surprised when there are consequences, such as new fences.
    It seems Sudden Valley will now spend more of your dues money on lawyers and administrators, to learn if the fence is completely legal or not. But you won't learn about WHY it went up. You won't learn about any poor treatment and aggressive intimidation SunMark received from our infamous Mitch Waterman, backed by your SCVA Board. And I am only aware of what went on before Waterman and the board interfered with my relationship with SunMark...I can only imagine how rough it got during the months of agression towards me and my landlord.
    Sudden Valley residents will now just suffer more consequences : more legal fees, a new fence, loss of access to a great parking lot, and bad feelings all around due to the actions and comments of the nasty, hateful ones.
    The Tip of the Iceburg
    Since I began speaking to people about Mitch Waterman's lies and the SVCA Board's collusion with him on his unjustified attack on me and my landlord, I've heard so many stories about difficulties doing business with Sudden Valley adminstrators.
    I've been told in plain English by people eager to share, that they experienced insulting and disrespectful behavior from Sudden Valley's administrators and committee members, on even simple community activities and small business transactions.
    I kid you not. Even a post office worker was anxious to offer me condolences for having to deal with SVCA. He described how negotiations with Sudden Valley on simple, standard things like delivery options and mailboxes, turned nasty and abusive, for no apparent reasons.I was told the Post Office walked out rather than take such abuse.
    Do you wonder why mailbox locks for Sudden Valley residents cost $65 while they are just $30 or so for others, elsewhere? Even my commercial box lock downtown was only a fraction of that cost.
    Once again, YOU are paying the conequences for their obnoxious behavior.
    Upcoming RESCHEDULED (was December 10, now January 14): The landlord charged fines based on Mitch Waterman's false charges against a tenant, has a "second appeal" hearing scheduled.
    I don't know what can be done at one of those... in the letter the SVCA board sent to me regarding such a hearing, they noted I would be given "5 minutes" to respond to Mitch Waterman's 4+ pages of false claims and a folder full of bogus paperwork that included 4 falsified citations.
    This is YOUR government at work, Sudden Valley residents. If you care, show up and listen to what your board says. It could be you they falsely prosecute next time.
    Breaking News November 19: While some of the new board members are out of town, a handful of Sudden Valley Board members schedule a meeting on short notice to vote a new 2 YEAR CONTRACT for Mitch Waterman.
    The board claims no one has filed complaints about Mitch Waterman, despite the fact that I have, and I know others have.
  • "I'm Making a List of Violators"

    The actual event started with a traffic stop inside Gate 2, executed by a poorly-trained Security Guard in a car marked "Pacific Security". See the map, and read what happened.

    broken image

    "I'm collecting names of violators" for a List, he said.

    We've all heard about the troublesome illegal traffic stops executed in Sudden Valley by Mitch Waterman and his gang. They have been discussed for months. Individuals have complained of the apparent intimidation. Wiser, more experienced homeowners cringe because they remember the legal quagmire these illegal stops represent, and the legal problems they have caused in the past.
    Back in 2007 SVCA's own law firm concluded that the SVCA has no legal authority to stop and detain the public, especially non-homeowners. In other words, doing so risks law suits. Today, in 2015, the Whatcom County Sheriff has confirmed to multiple people that SVCA security has no legal authority to make traffic stops and issue citations. Yet, under this board, they are apparently being used to intimidate residents prior to an election.
    Every time Sudden Valley willfully infringes on the rights of individuals, they risk liability for law suits and damages that will be paid by Sudden Valley homeowners. When they do so knowing it is improper, they assume liability for willful infringement, which can incur punitive damages. 
    This time, however, the rookie security guard actually stated to the driver (me) that he was stopping people not to issue citations, but to "make a list of violators". An intimidation list. The kind of list thing bullies use to exert influence over people, to get their way. 
    Henceforth I will play the role of "the driver" because honestly, this wasn't about me personally, or anything I had done. This could just as easily be you, or any other Sudden Valley tenant.
    There was little discussion between us about the alleged speeding, because in this instance, the security guard quickly assured me he was not issuing a citation. He just wanted my ID to put me onto "a list of violators" he was creating for "the administrator of Sudden Valley". 
    A Sudden Valley Leverage List? 
    Of course there was some discussion of that concept. A list for who? Who asked you to do that? What for? His answer was "the administrator", and he gestured in the direction of Mitch Waterman, who had been standing in the parking lot earlier. 
    After the driver informed the guard he lived up the street and had lived there for over 5 years, the driver asked the guard if he had to comply with the request for ID, and was told that no, he did not. The driver asked if he was free to go, and was told that yes, he could leave. The driver then waited until the security guard was finished, and the security guard even stated that he was finished. In fact, he quite clearly stated "we're done" and walked away.  
    The civil encounter ended without incident. There are minor details that should not be consequential except to verify the facts of the event, and many of those have been raised at an appeal hearing and confirmed. As confirmed by Security Guard Alexander Moffitt at the appeal hearing, there were no raised voices, there was no cussing, there was no name calling. There wasn't even finger pointing or hand waving. The driver never exited the car. In fact, at an appeal hearing Mr. Moffitt acknowledged that the driver did not exhibit any behavior at all that could be described as un-civil, according to an eye witness account published to the Internet.
    The driver then continued home (a few blocks). The security guard returned to his post. Security Guard Alexander Moffitt did not write a citation. He did not write a report. When asked to testify at an appeal hearing, he acknowledged he could only complain about the driver's "tone" of voice, and that the driver had complained of poor service from previous Sudden Valley security on other issues in the past.
    I can tell you that what the driver actually did was ask Mr. Moffitt who he was (since he and the Pacific Security car were new to the neighborhood), why he was pulling someone over with flashing lights in his own no-other-way-out-but-back-through-the-gate neighborhood, why he wore a gun on his belt, and why he would be creating a list.  
    After Mr. Moffit identified himself and told the driver his company was new to Sudden Valley, the driver did indeed very explicitly state why he would not cooperate with the "violators list". In fact, the driver asked "would you like to know why?" to which Security Guard Moffit said yes, and was then told of two previous incidences where Sudden Valley Security had, like Keystone Cops, mishandled simple noisy neighbor complaints, making them worse.  Moffitt was also told that the County Sheriff at the time confirmed that one incident was clearly mishandled.
    The Driver, not the Security Guard, then called the Sheriff
    While Mr. Moffitt didn't document any concerns after the traffic stop was over, the driver did. When he got home, the driver called the Sheriff to raise concern about the gun, and lack of training, and the "intimidation list" concept. He made contemporaneous notes of the details of the traffic stop, and emailed them to himself to apply a date stamp.
    The driver, a Sudden Valley Resident just like you, was concerned for the safety of Sudden Valley under Pacific Security. Could these guards be trusted?
    Little did the driver expect what happened next, when Mitch Waterman found out someone didn't comply with his wishes. Or maybe it was the mention about the Sheriff's "no confidence" vote for SVCA managed security. Whatever the reasons, what happened next should frighten all of you Sudden Valley residents, tenants, homeowners, and landlords.
  • The False Charges, and Bullying

    No one would have expected what came next - a slew of serious false charges, delivered in writing not to the driver but to the driver's landlord and property management company, with threats of further retaliatory actions if they didn't submit to Mitch Waterman's demands.

    broken image

    False Charges, Cowardly sent in Secret

    Did you know that if you call the Whatcom County Sheriff to speak to a deputy, they have to call you back? And did you know that before they call you back, they may decide to first call Sudden Valley Security to find out "what's going on" before they actually call you back? 
    That's what happened in this case. The Sheriff deputy, in an apparent attempt to be helpful, called over to the SVCA offices to find out what may have been going on that a resident would want to speak to a deputy about the conduct of a security guard.
    The deputy didn't reveal this at first... but confirmed it in a follow-up call after the driver (and Sudden Valley tenant) was charged by Mr. Waterman with $1200 worth of fines, accompanied by false charges of "threatening" and "abusive" behavior. Keep in mind the driver didn't actually get any "Notice of Violation" -- it only was sent to the landlord via the Property Management company. The landlord was threatened with a lien if she did not accept a label of "predisposed to abusive behavior" or some such for her tenant, with all of the consequential responsibility that carries.
    The landlord had no relationship with the tenant, as is typical for Sudden Valley where property managers manager such matters. Yet the landlord was expected to accept these claims, and charges, despite no evidence, no proof, and no testimony from the actual security guard who would have witnessed the encounter. The landlord was expected to simply believe the false claims, accept what was later proven to be faked eye witness testimony as factual, and to take actions against the tenant to protect the property from lien.
    Mr. Waterman, with the assistance of Normal Smith, issued 3 citations for a total fine of $1200. He pretended to deliver a Notice of Violations to the tenant while only delivering it to the landlord, and he started to intimidate the property manager, directing her to tell the tenant to "go talk to Mitch".
    I kid you not... the Property Manager (SunMark Realty) actually asked the driver to go and visit with Mitch Waterman in person, at his office, and "talk to him"... the same guy that just made up these false charges and provided fake eye witness testimony to support them. Later, she would insist the driver "pay the fines" as well.
    The charges:
    "Aggressive Behavior Toward Scv-2 Security During Traffic Stop for Speeding" 17.14c/R&R1.1.5    $1000
    "All 17.14b Failure/Refusal to furnish information or lying to avoid penalty or responsibility" $100
    "All 17.14 Obstructing a Sudden Valley Officer or Representative"   $100
  • Who is Norman R. Smith? 

    The citations are signed by "Norman R. Smith" accompanied by a scribble.
    Norman R. Smith was not a witness to the event. The only witnesses were the driver and novice Security Guard Alex Moffitt. The Sudden Valley Website shows Norman R. Smith as "Safety, Security and Operations Coordinator".
    See the image below where Norman Smith clearly signed his name on a form that very clearly (in all capitals) demands absolute sworn truth.
    Norman R. Smith has yet to explain how we can trust him, as "Safety, Security and Operations Coordinator",  if he signed these citations under that promise of honesty and personal witness, when he was not even there.
    According to the reports from an appeal hearing, published to the Internet but later taken down (copies were saved) Mr. Smith admitted he had not witnessed the events, but had signed the citations anyway. All of the SVCA board members heard that testimony, at either of two appeal hearings. 
    Remarkably, your SVCA board led by Carol Baumann with Larry Brown, upheld all of the citations anyway. Twice, after two appeal hearings where these facts were noted and acknowledged, with no explanation. 
    Even though Mitch Waterman stated that Norm Smith was "retiring", a fact that was confirmed by two witnesses to the statement, but which the SVCA lawyer later claimed was untrue, Norm Smith remains in charge of your safety and security.

    broken image

    Norman R. Smith was not there.

    The language on the citation form is there for a reason: to protect the citizens of Sudden Valley from tyrants, and to protect the Sudden Valley Community Association from wasting money paying out on lawsuits that come in when tyrants or incompetents make mistakes and hurt people.
    Your administrator (such as a Manager or a head of security) is the person you all rely upon to protect you, by following the procedures properly. Following procedures protects them from liability, and you from bad actors. What happened here?
  • The Appeal Embarassment

    What SVCA board members called an "appeal hearing" was invalid and improper, and completely embarrassing for the Sudden Valley community. 

    broken image

    Welcome to Your Appeal

    This website is not intended to "tell the whole story" of this horrible affair. There is certainly enough material to fill pages and pages of entertaining and ghastly factual reporting of how these actors behaved during the past several months.
    This website is to provide you, the Sudden Valley community of renters, landlords, homeowners, and interested parties, with a taste of just how horrid this experience has been for this falsely-accused resident.
    How would you like to find out from your landlord (whom you have never even met) that you've been charged with 3 serious violations that slander your character, backed by signed false eye witness testimony from your own community's head of safety and security? 
    How would you like to have your property manager tell you that she has over 100 properties in Sudden Valley, and can't risk the repercussions that have been outlined to her if you don't pay the bully his demands? Basically admit to a character assassination that is not true and that is counter to a lifetime of integrity?
    How would you like to see copies of letters others have received that were allegedly sent to you, being used against you in administrative proceedings, some of which were improperly back-dated, and none of which were ever delivered to you? 
    How would you like to enter the room in the middle of a conversation where Mitch Waterman is reminding Nick Flacco that he will be buying him the next round of drinks when they next gather at the bar? Or to listen to Mitch Waterman make a snarky remark that you have no integrity, as you leave the hearing?
    The above photo is from the appeal hearing, where Carol Baumann seemed outraged that I would try and record the hearing (she forbid it). 
    These are the faces that were supposed to represent a fair and impartial "hearing" after over 2 months of false charges, administrative bullying, lies, and intimidation. The proceedings were even worse... as were outlined to the board members in the attached request for a re-appeal (see image below).
    How would you like to have Mitch Waterman stack an Appeal Hearing with corroborators aligned against you, in order to try and humiliate you while claiming to have provided "due process" for an appeal? And then run the meeting himself? 
    How would you like it if when a seemingly pleasant Carol Houlton engaged you into polite conversation, a nasty and dismissive Carol Baumann (pictured) extended her hand towards your face with a loud "shush!!! You'll have your turn!", while still not making eye contact? It was as if we were all meek first graders in the classroom of an overtired, wishes-she-were-retired teacher. And Nick Flacco... the picture tells the story. This guy seemed angry before I even entered the room, and continued that demeanor through "questioning".
    How would you like the SVCA lawyer Seth Woolson to openly state to you that he did NOT represent Mitch Waterman, but only the SVCA board, yet then fully participate in the meeting including backing up Mitch Waterman on issues raised regarding Waterman's own actions? 
    The series of events, the harassment by Mr. Waterman, and the support of the board members for his actions is highly unusual and unexplainable. Even the simplest of factual details has become comical, such as Mr. Waterman's initial written testimony that "Security Staff clocked a Toyota with a radar gun..." which when discussed was supposedly absolutely backed by "proof" he would provide later, only to later become "the radar gun was turned off before a picture could be taken" and then finally "there is no radar evidence" followed by the SVCA putting forth testimony that the speeding charge was still valid because Security Guard Moffat has become "pretty good" at estimating a vehicle's speed by eye.   
    I kid you not... arrogance has no bounds, and this SVCA board operated a sham of an appeals process... probably twice. Once for the tenant, and by all accounts I've seen, again for the landlord.
    These are your representatives. These people, behaving in these ways, represent you the Sudden Valley Homeowner. Ultimately you are responsible for their actions under the law. And this can happen to you, too, especially if you are tenant.
    broken image

    Why Should I submit to an "Appeal" for False Charges?

    This is the reply sent to a notice of an appeal hearing for the false charges. Faced with being bullied into an administrative process that was clearly going to be unfair, this seemed like the proper notice to file with SVCA. 
    Unfortunately the driver decided to attend the appeal hearing after all...unaware of how badly the deck had been stacked against him. It seemed reasonable to provide the board with a chance to hear that Mitch Waterman was up to no good. It turned out to be a mistake to trust the appeal process, which is in fact, trusting Carol Baumann, Nick Flacco, and Carol Holten, and eventually Larry Brown. 
  • The Real Problem

    This story is about one man's decision not to show ID to a private, armed, security guard he didn't know, who had acknowledged he was not issuing a citation but putting names on a "list of violators" for his employer.
    The accused has a constitutionally protected right to decline to "show papers" in this situation, which even the attending security guard acknowledged.
    The subsequent actions of Mitch Waterman and Carol Baumann's SVCA Board are the real problem for Sudden Valley Homeowners, Residents, and tenants.
    This website will be updated periodically with more information as needed, and to serve the needs that arise for tenants of Sudden Valley faced with similar unfair and unjust actions by the SVCA board, security, or Administration.
    There is a contact form below to reach the author of this web page. 

  • After the Sham Appeal Hearing

    After the appeal Mitch Waterman sent a letter that curtly stated, with ALL CAPS IN BOLD, that all charges were upheld.
    What can one do, when the administrators collude to ignore the facts, and make it look like you've had your chance, but you lost? You tell the truth, so it can be known, with this report sent to the board.

    broken image

    Would a Second Appeal have been any Better?

    They clarified that there could be a second appeal hearing, and it would involve "the full board". They scheduled it without consulting me, assigned the charges differently again, and send me notice to simply appear. I asked for clarifications of the terms... attorney Seth Woolson send a response email containing no facts but instructions to "read the attachement". The email attachment wouldn't open. 
    When notified of that fact, lawyer Seth Woolson simply said it was too late to resend it, and that he was already "at the hearing", and I needed to be there.
    A conspiracy novelist couldn't make this stuff up. 
    I wonder, would that re-appeal hearing have been any different than the first hearing? When I finally did open that attachment, it said I would be given "5 minutes" to make my case before the full board. What a joke.
  • No End in Sight?

    I stated quite cleary to Carol Baumann, Nick Flacco, and Carol Houlton at the so-called appeal hearing, in front of Mitch Waterman, that this will not end well for Mr. Waterman. Lies beget lies. Trouble only increases for liars, as their lies continue to snowball, and the need for exhaustive defense efforts escalates.
    It seems in this case you are all paying the law firm of Seth Woolson to defend those lies and continue aggression towards the tenant and landlord. 
    Clearly I am a thorn to Mitch Waterman and Carol Baumann at this point. The truth is tough to avoid. What will they do now? Am I safe? Is my family safe? I have no idea what the future shall bring, given the past behaviors. But I do know that transparency is essential for this sort of bullying and administrative threatening. 
    You all need to know what has been going on, and what continues to go on. After all, you're paying all the bills. Every certified letter, every response from the lawyer, every thoughtful reframing of the slip-ups and mistakes they have made, inorder to keep the lies alive. 

    I understand from the landlord's report from the appeal hearing, that Mr. Waterman acted out at the appeal hearing as well. I also understand there has been at least one formal report of his harassing behavior to the board, with no response.
    Nonetheless these lies and the supporting actions of the SVCA board are inexcusable, and must be addressed. As of October 15, their actions continue as the SVCA lawyer continues with their threat of a Small Claims Court action to collect the remaining $400 fine they seek from the driver for the false "threatening" and "abusive" charge. The board has refused to acknowledge any responsibility, and via Seth Woolson has stated they back Mr. Waterman's claims fully, despite extensive testimony counter to Mr. Waterman's claims, as is included in this  testimony from the landlord's appeal hearing. (Note: that file appeared on the Sudden Valley Facebook page but then was removed for some reason).
    I note that the people of Sudden Valley must by law pay any costs for negligent, criminal, or improper actions of the Manager and the Board of Directors. The homeowners by covenant are the SVCA, and under the law, homeowners take full responsibility for the behavior of these actors. 
    Mr. Waterman's actions in this case have already been brought to the attention of the Whatcom County Sheriff's office on several occasions. They have also been reported to the FBI (since they meet the definitions put forth here under "what we investigate"). There is more activity underway as well, which I cannot detail here.
    If you would like to communicate with the author of this website, please use this form. There should be no expectation of privacy with your submission.

  • About the Missing Section

    The former REDACTED section of this website is temporarily unpublished. It was about how someone with handle REDACTED posted to a Facebook group that this website is doing harm to Sudden Valley by exposing these facts in public.  

    broken image

    UPDATE: This section has been censored! Tsk tsk.... more energy wasted by Sudden Valley residents chasing the wrong goals. Rather than expend more effort to try to hide and cover up the truth, fix the problem! It's YOUR association! Fix it! 
    Here's the censored version:
    Someone on Facebook self-identified as REDACTED has suggested that this website and other public comments about the reprehensible behavior of Mitch Waterman and his SVCA board are more harmful to Sudden Valley than allowing those behaviors to continue. REDACTED seems to believe this website is part of some conspiracy by angry homeowners : "YOU proudly and arrogantly put up a web site and open twitter accounts and use them to harass the Herald and KGMI to slander our employees...".

    No, REDACTED, this web site is mine. A 6 year tenant renting in Sudden Valley, who has been wrongly harassed, slandered, and fined by your HOA manager; actions supported by your elected board. Read it again, to understand better for yourself.

    Each public tweet belongs similarly to its author. That's how democracy and civilization works.

    Are a web publisher, REDACTED? (The same name is the producer of REDACTED and other sites). If so, I am surprised to see you make such comments.

    In this country, real people, with honest claims, are allowed to speak the truth. When bad actors threaten, slander, or otherwise attempt to coerce or extort, perhaps to chill free speech, they can be challenged to explain themselves with true facts, evidence, and testimony. A responsible local government must provide a just venue for that, which Sudden Valley has refused to do.

    A responsible public media acts to help uphold principles of justice, not cover up claims of injustices.

    If you are the owner of a Bellingham-centric information website that makes money from advertising and especially real estate spending, I assume you feel threatened by these allegations against the SV manager and board. Perhaps you don't feel safe. Me either.

    Unfortunately, as long as people try to cover things up, or keep them outside of public view, out of fear or whatever else makes you think things are better when left in secret, these bad actors continue and the harm continues.

    The truth is, this particular unlawful pursuit and victimization by Mitch Waterman continued outside of public view for almost 5 months, while I complied with your "private" system of self-management here in Sudden Valley. That system and your board failed to show signs of integrity, as has been well-documented.

    Your SVCA employees had numerous opportunities to speak up and show integrity. Instead, they hid out of public view. Your board had numerous opportunities to acknowledge the validity of the claims, and to demand a reasonable explanation. Each one was notified individually via the SVCA lawyer. Instead, YOUR BOARD elected to cover things up and back the false charges.

    We are beyond the point of pleasantries now. This is a very serious public issue.

    To you I would like to say what is perhaps the most painful truth : I believe all of this is more your fault than Mitch Waterman's. Mitch Waterman is probably nothing more than a mere "operator" : a nasty person given the job of playing dirty, to achieve desired end results.

    If legal problems arise from Mitch Waterman's actions, a determined board will simply replace him with another operator, as long as people like you allow them. Oh, and YOU will pay for ALL of the consequences, including the legal fees and any settlements, under your current system.

    I note that it is YOU, not tenants, that elect and support the board members. You also, by attempting suppress free speech and hide the details from public view (as your Facebook post suggests), enable the bad behavior to continue.

    It seems you are much more at risk if you keep all of this out of the public view, than if you help highlight it in public, so it gets addressed.

    By failing to insist that claims raised by honest victims of this administration are worthy of investigation (to determine the TRUTH), YOU are lowering the property values in Sudden Valley. Perhaps more importantly, you are risking the safety of your neighbors, and the security of our community as a whole, by permitting dishonest practices to continue in your administrative and security departments.

    The public discussions will not go away, because they are TRUE and will withstand public challenges. They will cause public concern and debate, and help expose further truths about corruption and abuse of authority in Sudden Valley. Whether you like it or not.

    Please note: This section specifically addressed to REDACTED was added ONLY because a person behind that Facebook handle proposed that my web site was part of some harmful effort by complaining homeowners in the Facebook group. It is essential that this person be better informed, before more harm is done.

    To the poster: perhaps you could put some of your web publishing power to work for a good cause, link to this site, and help raise awareness? Or write about it? The sooner it gets responsibly addressed, the better for Sudden Valley homeowners, by your own explanation.

    Given your concern for Sudden Valley and your investments, I can't explain why you have not spoken up to request real answers from your board on these allegations that you admit are causing harm?

    If you are so concerned, why have you not asked Larry Brown to explain why these charges were not dropped? Are you not concerned that when they were challenged on appeal, and SV employees testified that they were not true, they were still upheld?

    Why have you not voiced concern that your own Head of Security signed false eye witness testimony, and admitted so in an appeal hearing, and yet the charges were upheld? When an employee admits to lying, it is to save his own skin. He passes responsibility to his managers and the board. They have not responded except to uphold charges and push for fines.... because you haven't said anything. Does that make you feel safe?

    Look in the mirror - you may find part of the real problem. Until then, rest assured the public discussions will continue, until the truth is acknowledged.

    And also allow me to assure you as an individual and as a member of my Sudden Valley community, that you have my full personal respect. I encouraged to continue to educate yourself on these civic matters, and to voice your opinion wherever you see fit. I am also happy to accept confidential communications from you via the form on this site (as long as they are clearly marked "confidential), if you seek such a channel to communicate. UPDATE: You lost a lot of my respect when you attempted to have this site censored.
    Note to Everyone: This is America. Censorship is not legal under our Constitution, so of course I can bring back the materials, and responding to each complaint as per my rights. I choose not to. My point was made. But I do notice that her Facebook posts are still live.... and she continues to spout her opinions, even though she's apparently ashamed to see them made public
    Can you see the problem? 
  • About Mitch Waterman

    Mitch Waterman's LinkedIn page says his role is "Interim
    Managing Director" of the Sudden Valley Community Association, via a corporation M.A. Waterman Consulting LLC. The screenshot above is archived for reference. His description reads "managing all of the Association's ongoing operations including transition from current third-party management to a new organizational structure. Additional duties include management of the Association's tactical and strategic management needs including personnel, asset reconstruction and maintenance, amenity maintenance and promotion, financial management and reporting, and community communications.
    According to public records, M.A. Waterman Consulting, LLC (UBI 603433315) was incorporated in the State of Washington concurrent with his accepting the Interim Manager position, with a principle named as Mitchell Waterman and an address of 15 Grand View Lane, Bellingham, WA 98229.
    Subsequent to this initial research, it seems the SVCA Board hired on Mr. Waterman and he is now an employee. 

  • Sun-Mark Properties (Sun-Mark Realty)

    Property manager Azam Nader of Sun-Mark Properties initially had little influence over these proceedings, positioned as another victim of the lies and intimidation. What could she do in the face of threats of a lien being placed on a property? How can she handle a landlord-property manager relationship when the HOA alleged the tenant is a problem, produced false claims backed by false eye witness testimony, and demanded eviction action?

    Better than she did, that is for sure. In fact, after pretending not be be involved, Azam worked behind the scenes reportedly insisting (over many phone calls) that the landlord AJ McCormac evict the tenant, with Azam's help.


    In cases like this the homeowner-property manager relationship is destroyed. The tenant-property manager relationship is destroyed. The lease between Property Management company and Tenant is invalidated. The business contract between landlord and property manager is invalidated.


    The integrity of the business ecosystem that is Sudden Valley is threatened when the very administrators that were entrusted with managing a set of policies and procedures corrupt that process and abuse the proceedings. And dishonest realtors, property managers, and landlords don't make things any better.

    The truth is... Azam Nader chose sides in this issue, and revealed herself to be untrustworthy, dishonest, and a despicable human being. Oh this is not simply more hear-say nor mere bad-mouthing about Azam... there's been plenty of that separate from this issue. But her actions and the facts associated with her actions in this case are well-documented, and available for disclosure and discussion. Time passes, but unpaid debts do not go away... they become more expensive. How ugly can this get for Azam?

    Azam Nader and Sun-Mark continue to win the "Worst Realtor in Bellingham" award from the people we surveyed. Year after year, her lackluster performance as a human being is rewarded over and over, in negative reputation points. Her initial selfish sub-$300 decision to side with the liar (and join in) continues to come back in negative rewards. How was that for an investment? Was it worth it, Azam? You knew what you were doing... were you just too blind to see how much it would cost you down the road, or are you really that low character?

    broken image

    Fix the Problem

    As of October 18, 4 citations have been issued against the tenant and the homeowner, with fines.
    Despite two appeal hearings defended by this SVCA board, led by attorney Seth Woolson who claims to properly represent the wishes of the SVCA (the homeowners of Sudden Valley), the charges have been upheld and there is a motion to take small claims court action against the tenant to pay. This despite the inability of SVCA to produce any evidence, and despite eye witness testimony that Mr. Waterman's charges were false and damaging.
    There is eye witness report that that Mr. Waterman admitted he was trying to "teach me a lesson". The SVCA board knows all of this... and appears to believe it can ignoring it, and achieve defense via aggressive offense you are paying for when you pay the SVCA law firm.
    Up Next: Small Claims Court in the State of Washington? Here Come the Subpoenas...
    Mr. Waterman and the SVCA board have threatened to send the remaining $400 fine to Small Claims Court.  This would be the first time these proceedings enter a legal court in the State of Washington, instead of the SVCA Kangaroo-style court we have witnessed thus far.
    In a true legal court there can be subpoenas for testimony under oath, requests for a jury trial, penalties for perjury. It is all a matter of public record, and there can be criminal sanctions for exposed activities. 
  • About Sudden Valley

    An ad posted by Sudden Valley says "Sudden Valley is a 2560 household, 1575 acre Home Owners Association with 55 miles of roads, an 18 hole golf course, community center and many other amenities located 9 miles southeast of Bellingham, WA. It has a regular staff of about 40 with a seasonal high of 75. The total budget is $2.5 million.  The accounting department consists of the Manager, the full charge Bookkeeper and a billing and collections Accountant."
    A double-page spread in the local tourism magazine lists a few phone numbers, including one that earlier this year rang through to a local real estate agent, and may have since changed to another. That's another topic to be explored later.

  • Andi Jo McCormac

    Andi Jo McCormac owned the property (with Donald W. Hammons), and was the landlord during this dispute. While initially AJ McCormac was kindly and respectful, she did choose to cease communications, attempt to hide behind hasty corporate restructuring, and ultimately sold out her tenant (coordinating with Azam Nader of Sun-Mark Realty (Sunmark Properties).

    The price to pay for this? Well, how can you price a lifetime of shame and the stigma that will of course follow it? AJ was given a plenty of time to settle into her position, and it is now quite clear her choice was to participate in the collusion, and ultimately profit from it.

    broken image

    Pacific Security and Training

    One of several testimonies from former Pacific Security employees, who post to the web site GlassDoor.com. Notably the important parts relate to the employee lamenting the lack of training received, despite assurances that training is provided. 
  • Alexander Moffitt

    Alex Moffitt is a young security guard with Pacific Security, said to have been contracted by Sudden Valley for security services. Alex Moffitt is the only Sudden Valley security guard involved in the event, where a resident of Gate 2 declined to show ID to an unknown, armed, private security guard provided by an outside company recently hired by the Sudden Valley Community Association.


    Pacific Security is a division of Parker Corporate Services, Inc. of Bellingham. Joe's Database says that "Parker Corporation is located at 2009 Iron St, Bellingham, WA 98225-4211. It has around 10 - 20 employees. Its revenue is around $2.5 - 5M. Description: Staffing firm provides security services, answering services live or voice mail, janitorial services, temporary services, and employment opportunities." According to LinkedIn, Chad Parker of Bellingham is President at Parker Corporate Services Inc.

    broken image

    Pacific Security and Training

    One of several testimonies from former Pacific Security employees, who post to the web site GlassDoor.com. Notably the important parts relate to the employee lamenting the lack of training received, despite assurances that training is provided.